Arbor First aid Trauma Training 

Catastrophic Bleed Training - Tourniquet - Haemostatics - Israeli Bandaging 

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+ F Forestry First Aid Training
Arbour Agricultural & Remote 1 Day Outdoor First Aid Trauma - Bleeding - Extraction  Communictions - Exposure

What you would expect at Sussexfirst aid Trauma training Day.

Outdoor First aid Training taught by qualified, professionally trained instructors who have served or serve on frontline Emergency servics.


We train to a extremely high standard and expect that standard throughout the day. This is definately NOT a turn up and pass training day.


On arrival. A test to see what we know and what we need to learn. The A-Z of the out door course will be taught and any area that we can tailor to your industry we are happy to do so.

Examples the Arbour industry.





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Haemostatic Agents
First Aid Bag
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