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Gap Year Training

Do I need Gap Year Safety Training, yes? Press Here

Gap Year Safety & Survival Training

About 250000 students will go on a Gap year each year

About 35% will have a minor or major incident, from crime to health issues.


Our trainers have first-hand experience in how to survive these conditions, from initial preparation to departure. We have first-hand experience of working and traveling in disaster zones, and have the first-hand experience of planning and executing proper travel arrangements. We cover all the essential elements for that Year out from packing to potential issues involving conflict.

Some of the areas we cover on our courses.

  • How to travel securely - Anti-Hijacking Vehicle – Muggings & Kidnapping – terrorist attack – Avoidance – Awareness – Threat – Vulnerability – Intent – Risk = Threat x Vulnerability - Vehicle preparation and inspection - Patterns

  • Packing – What to take – What not to take – Check List - Grab Bags - Kit & Clothes

  • Minimising danger. Avalanches – Fire – Currents - Climatic Injuries

  • Finances Budgeting – Options – Changing money

  • Documents – Our special App all in one QR send to us we send back.

  • Electricals – Mobile Phones – Solar Chargers voltage adapters

  • Emergency First Aid – Trauma - Mosquito repellent DEAT - Health issues medication and Disease Prevention

  • Hotels – Hostels

  • Local advice - Destination research.

  • Staying Healthy - Drugs and Alcohol - Safe Water – Bottles - Sun stroke and exhaustion – Temperature

  • How to get help - Authorities – Dealing with – Corrupt Officials - Patterns

  • Sexual Harassment – Dress Code – Appearance – Perception of you

  • Documents ID – insurance – Passport – Driving licence – How to keep in touch

  • Intelligent Self defence

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