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Horse Yard First Aid

181 Horses killed on the roads in five many riders were injured?


Safety equipment has become more wide spread, and changing the way riders previously riding with out a helmet or body armour. There are no central statistics that are up to date. The use of air bags, which are triggered by the riders body when falling has reduced the number of fatal accidents.  Dr Silver , emeritus spinal consultant has researched serious spinal injuries in rugby, gymnastics, trampolining and horse riding for many years. In his paper "Hazards of Horse riding as a popular Sport" his 1985 study suggested that motorcyclists suffered a serious accident every 7000 hours........and a Horse rider could expect a serious accident every 350 hours.....

Dr Silver also cites a figure from 1992 of 12 equestrian-related fatalities from 2.87 million participants. He also notes that in the period from 1994-1999, 3% of all spinal cord injury patients admitted to Stoke Mandeville Hospital were the result of horse riding. The majority of people admitted to hospital in such circumstances are women.

Rider related injuries.

  • Hear Trauma - Fractures - Spinal issues - Crush Injuries - Shock  - Heat exhaustion & Heat Stroke

  • Heart attack - Anaphylactic reaction - Asthma - Choking - CPR - Penetrating injury - Broken pelvis - Stroke

  • Horse's involved in Road Traffic incidents

  • Catastrophic bleed - Haemostatics - Tourniquets

  • Defibrillation

Sussex First Aid & Trauma Training work with organisations that life threatening Trauma incidents can happen.

With 14 years active service with the Emergency services,  working with Government and Humanitarian agencies deployed on the ground , Road Traffic Crashes, Arborists and Tree Surgeons we have a extensive specialists experience of Trauma related incidents and how to deal with them effetely to save life.

There are some simple techniques that recognise when there is an issue, how to deal with it and also when is the time do move.

Some examples of things that you may have to make a fast decision.

A rider is trapped under a Horse that has been hit by a lorry at 8.00 am on a Saturday morning in a remote location. The Horse unfortunately is not alive. The rider cannot get from under the Horse and is trapped and it is difficult to breath.

Time line

8.00      Lorry hit horse which is killed immediately and rider is trapped under horse.

             NB difficulty , breathing, shocked, they have wet trousers around the groin area, however the road is dry.

8.14      You walk by, a horse lover and are distressed to see the poor horse and hear the rider screaming for you to get     

              them from under the horse that is crushing them, and making it increasingly difficult to breath.

8.18      You are trying to calm the rider down after calling the Emergency services, which was difficult as you did not     

              where you were and it took some time to find a road sign. There was no signal so you had to run up the road to

              get  a signal. The rider was so distressed that it was difficult  communicate with them between the screams of


8.21      The rider is begging you to get them out what do you do?

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