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Our Commitment to you ...

Event Medic Services is a provider of professional and experienced Emergency Care First aiders, Medics & Paramedics.

Covering Music - Sporting – Equestrian – Shows - Motor Sports - TV & Film - Charity & more

We provide medical coverage for individuals or special events such as Movie & TV Production Sets, Concerts, Festivals, Sporting & Extreme Events, Construction Sites, and other Public Gatherings. Our Medical professionals enables us to serve your needs whatever the event.  
          Some of the specialized Medical & Safety Personnel we can provide are:

Set MedicMedic

Production TV & Film MedicEvent Medic

Construction Site MedicFire Watch/Safety Medics

Special Event MedicConcert/Show Medic

On Site AmbulanceExtreme Sporting Event Medic

Extreme Sporting Event MedicWilderness Medic

Extreme Reality Show MedicFirst Aid Medical Assistant

Safety DiverFirst Aid Medical Assistant

Lifeguard Marathon Medic

HEAT Medics & Trainers.

We will use the best medical and safety equipment available and will  provide the most efficient medical assistance possible. 

We are a Professional Insured Medical personnel supplier.                  

Tel: 01342 824715   email@firstaidmedics.co.uk


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