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Sussex Trauma SOF® Tactical Tourniquet Wide (SOFTT-W). Weighing only 90g the SOFTT-W is light, compact, robust and easy to apply. Quick-release, snap-lock buckle design,  Single application method regardless of location. 


High-strength, light-weight, rapid application of the strap providing secure fastening, reduced application time, resulting in reduced blood loss and better patient care.

The 1.5" tourniquet strap, provides better compression pattern than most other tourniquets. High-strength aircraft aluminium windlass, virtually eliminating the risk of failure and perform effectively when wet, muddy, sandy or frozen.

WoundClot is a non-pressure application haemostat that is compact, easy-to-apply.

WoundClot is available for both first aid & trauma applications, from scrapes & lacerations to severe traumatic arterial & venous bleeding.

WoundClot ABC (Advanced Bleeding Control) is specifically designed for first aid and pre-hospital treatment & is suitable for use by non-trained personnel including First Aid & First Responders.

Used by Ambulance, Fire, Police and Military to treat severe traumatic injuries.

Blood Stopper Israeli Bandage.

Immediate Direct Pressure -  Quick and easy self-application -   pressure applicator, secondary dressing, closure bar • X-ray friendly    
The inner vacuum-sealed wrapper is water-repellent and reduces weight and volume. The wrapper is sterile and disposable.  

Sussex Trauma Compact Haemorrhage Kit
The essential traumatic bleeding kit.
Attach to a belt with the clip on straps.
Quick and easy removal from the belt gives immediate access to contents.
Dimensions: 15 x 10 x 2.5cm
1    CAT Tourniquet (Black)
1    Celox 35g Granules
1    Asherman Chest Seal
1    Emergency Bandage (6”)
1    TraumaFix Dressing
1    Mini Trauma Shears
2    Pairs Nitrile Gloves.  

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