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Teen Aid Quiz

I am visiting one of my Grandparents and find them at the bottom of the stairs. I notice they may have wet themselves, do I get them up in to a comfortable chair and get them a warm drink and call the emergency services? Yes - No?

My dad has gone to Homebase and bought a chainsaw and has cut his leg above the knee and below his hip and is in great pain what do we do? How long do we have to deal with the incident?
If someone is choking - colleague, mum, brother, friend - will they be alive by the time the Ambulance comes?
How many bandages will stop a Catastrophic bleed?
If someone has a Head Trauma injury, how long do you wait for the ambulance?
Say you are changing a tyre, the jack collapses, and you are trapped under the car, eventually some one hears your cries for help, what do we do?
You are on holiday and have Heat Stroke? what do we do?

You have been drinking and partying all night, and fall over and hit your head, what do we need to think about and why.

My drink may have been spiked? How would I know and what precautions can I take.

We all went to a party and the car crashed, I am worried about what my dad will say, is that the priority ?

What should I carry in the First Aid kit.....

Course Content

CPR – Heart attacks – Choking – Drowning – Tourniquets – Catastrophic Bleeds– Israeli Bandages – Scene assessment

Emergency services contact procedures UK – Primary & secondary surveys – Defibrillation - Airway management – Asthma – Management of Bleeding & burns Exposure to Heat Cold – Head Trauma – Fractures – Haemostatics and more…….

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