Is my life worth £132.93?

Seems a bit hard, to make that statement..........then I have put over eighty people in body bags as a professional. Also working in specialist areas where there is little or no medical help, you are the Medic. I saw recently on the internet where you can buy a Tourniquet from China for £2.50........that really is cheap when you have a Catastrophic bleed and need to stem the flow, and you apply the Cheap Internet Tourniquet and have seconds before you pass out and it snaps because its a copy. There is no quality control, not tested , inferior materials and worthless. Yes you did save £23.00 on the cost of a real AT Tourniquet tried and tested by the military, Fire Ambulance etc.......What's amazing is that you can openly buy these today on the internet, and with no training apply them......

So....................we have developed the Trauma Belt Kit, a comprehensive Medical kit that you can use on your self if you have seconds to live. Only £132.93 . There are more details on the website.

Personally I think that is cheap. The Trauma Belt Packs are £115.00 when you do a TYrauma course and you are taught Tourniquet application and Defib, all good stuff..

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