What's in your lunch box...."my sandwiches"

So I recently asked on a training session "what's in your First Aid Kit", the answer was "my sandwiches" the initial smile quickly was replaced by embarrassment as we had just completed Tourniquet severe catastrophic bleed training. It was an honest answer, and there were a few other faces that had similar articles in theirs. Ninety percent had no idea what was in their First Aid Kit and none knew when it had been last updated. Not one had seen or used a Tourniquet or was aware of Haemostatic clotting agents for catastrophic bleeds. So the positive is I get to use that phrase now and it focuses us all on "what's in your first aid kit"

So in my belt kit I carry a Tourniquet that essential, and only apply one if you have been properly trained. A Haemostatic agent, which clots blood, again essential for Arbour , War Zones. Burn soother, medical gloves, keeps you safe and provides a re assurance to the injured party that you know what you are doing. Eye wash , we all wish we have some too late. A whistle because we have lost our voice. A light stick to aid the Emergency services to find you. A thermal blanket as you may well have circulation issues if you have suffered blood loss. A knife to cut your self out of harm. There are many more variations these are a few. We supply all belt Trauma kits at cost.


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