C.A.T GEN7 Despite the proven effectiveness of the Combat Application Tourniquet®, the new C•A•T® GEN7 goes even further toward making it easier and faster to use. All six components of the Combat Application Tourniquet® have been re-designed and improved on the C•A•T® GEN7

"Israeli Bandage"  Emergency Bandage (FCP01 – FCP02)

Available in two sizes (4″ and 6″), the Emergency Bandage was developed with the most extreme conditions in mind. Designed to treat every possible bleeding wound, the bandage is sterile and non-adherent, is easily wrapped and secured, and can also act as a tourniquet in cases of severe bleeding. This bandage has become the NATO standard.

QuikClot Gauze – The most recent Z-Medica haemostatic agent

QuikClot® Gauze™ provides the ultimate in stopping power for bleeding wounds; It is the first gauze able to stop arterial and venous bleeding in seconds. It does not require mixing, measuring or heat – just open and apply, Easy to pack, it stays cool under pressure and remains ultra flexible while conforming to any shape or size wound, and removes easily without effect. To be used in conjunction with direct pressure for 3-5 minutes.


Trauma Pack

  • Features:

    1. Single Routing Buckle – Decreases blood loss, effective slack removal, fewer windlass turns, simplified training with single protocol application standards.

    2. Windlass Rod – Increased diameter, enhanced strength, aggressive ribbing improves grip.

    3. Windlass Clip – Bilateral beveled entry, rapid windless lock, bilateral buttress, added strength.

    4. Windlass Strap – New reinforced strap, grey color for tactical considerations (black only).

    5. Stabilisation Plate – Reinforced, beveled contact bar, improved comfort.

    6. Free-moving Internal Band – Patented band within band, truly even distribution of circumferential pressure.