• 10 Years MAnufacturers Warranty Upgraded from 7 Years Free of charge
  • Operations status indicator for battery and pad life
  • Free, robust carry case
  • Daily self-checks
  • Simple switch from adult to child mode
  • Two sets of electrode pads, one set pre-connected, one spare set. For use on adults and children (age1+)
  • Clear visual and verbal guidance
  • Ambient noise adjustment
  • CPR detection and metronome
  • Large internal memory with simple data access
  • Less than 6 seconds from completion of CPR to shock delivery
  • Disposable battery pack

iPad Sp1 Defib Semi Auto

£895.00 Regular Price
£870.00Sale Price
    • Every SP1 comes with a 7 year warranty, which can be upgraded to 10 years free of charge. Requires you to register your defibrillator at: iPAD Members

    • Two sets of electrode pads, one pre-connected into the AED and the other one is a spare. These electrode pads can be used on adults and children (aged 1+).

    • One Lithium Manganese Oxide battery, which is disposable. The battery is expected to last up to five years (in standby) and comes with a warranty of four years.

    • Two sets of AED rescue kits, which include:

      • 2 x Patient Wipe
      • 1 x Nitrile Goves
      • 1 x Prep Razor
      • 1 x Face Shield
      • Tough cut scissors