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Sussex First aid Training Necklite Surgical Collar

One Size Fits All Adults • No Settings • Device Molds to Patient

Introducing the Necklite™ - a moldable cervical stabilization device, comprised of soft aluminum housed within a high density PU foam. These characteristics allow the device to be folded or rolled for compact storage in backpacks, kits, and narrow pockets. A series of small, moldable tabs positioned under the chin conform to each patient’s unique features. Once applied and adjusted, the device creates a rigid mold, securely stabilizing the neck.

  • Cervical stabilization for extrication and rehabilitation

  • Large tracheal opening allows for optimal visualization

  • Helps reduce lateral movement

  • Foldable and moldable before and after application

  • One size fits all adults

  • Single patient use

  • X-ray translucent

  • Fits in any kit

  • Latex free

  • Non-rigid

Product Highlights

  • Light, compact design allows for virtually limitless storage options and convenient transport.

  • Fast, effective, and easy to use, even in demanding environments.

  • X-ray translucent design allows for cervical evaluation without removal of the collar. 

The Necklite provides cervical stabilization in a low profile, compact package.

  • Can safely be applied to patients found in awkward positions

  • Molds to accommodate patient size

  • Velcro® strap securing system

  • Round front opening accommodates tracheotomy procedure

  • Elliptical view port on back of device

  • Rigid, X-ray translucent aluminum core

  • Comfortable high density foam coating


  • Dimensions: 21.5” (550 mm) - Length, 7” (180 mm) - Width, .2” (5 mm) - Thickness

  • Weight: 3.7 oz (105 g)

  • Packaging: Flat packed for easy shipping and storage

  • Sizes: For all adult sizes

  • X-ray Translucent: yes

  • Available Colors: Tactical / Military (Dark Gray (both sides)). EMS / Responder (Gray inside,Yellow outside)

Necklite Collar FirstAid
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