Sussex First aid & Trauma Competition time


10 x HSE 1-10 Man first aid kit refill.

1 x Haemorrhage control kit

1 x Cat Tourniquet

1 x Israeli Bandage

1 x Lock Knife

1 x Leatherman Wingman Multi tool

1 x Quick Clot

1 X Pouch for Belt


The competition is open to any Arbor or Tree Surgeon.

To win the Haemorrhage kit you would need to prove you are current with your Catastrophic bleed training and use of Tourniquet.

email answers to by May 1st 2017.

  1. How long does the pone day Sussex First aid & Trauma Emergency First aid at work out side courses take?

  2. How long does the Qualification last for?

  3. What are the three best pieces of kit to deal with a Catastrophic Bleed in your First aid kit.?

  4. Roughly how long have you got if yo have a Catastrophic Femoral bleed and this is not treated?

  5. Name three signs of a Head Trauma injury/

  6. What does PERL stand for

  7. What is AVPU

  8. What does ETHANE stand for?

  9. What is the CPR rate?    1-10        15-2       30 -2

  10. What is the treatment for Heat Stroke?

So all answers email to email  with your Email address, Home address and contact number.

For a chance to win the Trauma kit with Tourniquet you will need to provide proof you are trained to use this and your training is current and in ticket.

Judging will be based on the correct answers and drawn out of a pot. So random.

Any questions or suggestions please email