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Bleed Control Kit

The 4BC Kit (For Bleed Control Kit)


Clinical studies have analysed combat casualties data from recent U.S operations. The data shows that "in the chart of casualties with PS wounds, the majority of mortality is associated with haemorrhage (90.9%)." According to The National Trauma Institute, after a traumatic injury, haemorrhage is responsible for over 35% of pre-hospital deaths and at least half of traumatic deaths within 24 hours of hospitalization, many of which are potentially preventable.


The Solution:
The 4BC Kit is a unique kit. It includes four essential items for the treatment and the stopping of bleeding: a tourniquet, haemostatic gauze, an emergency bandage and gloves. These items have proven to be very effective at haemorrhage control. They have been used by militaries in recent years, and such kits are now on the rise in the civilian EMS setting as well, which has resulted in saving more lives.


Our Goal:
The aim of the 4BC Kit is to extend the use and availability of these lifesaving products to a larger target market, to lay users as well as professionals.


Innovative Packaging:
The 4BC Kit packaging is innovative & are lower compared to other traditional plastic boxes and cotton bags, its advantages are
as follows:

  • The 4BC Kit is heat-sealed, so it is waterproof, providing the contents with maximum protection.

  • The 4BC Kit is slim and vacuum-sealed, reducing the size of the kit. The 4BC Kit can fit into a pocket of a pair of cargo

  • pants.

  • The 4BC Kit has 3 separate packets, and each packet has notches for easy opening.

  • The 4BC Kit has printed drawings and instructions for use on the outside of the packaging, which helps the

  • unprofessional user choose the right item for the right occasion.

  • The 4BC Kit is transparent, so the user can see the contents of each packet and read the directions at the same time.

  • The 4BC Kit includes a perforation that allows it to be split into 2 smaller bags instead of one.

  • The 4BC Kit includes re-sealable zippers, so that the tourniquet can be used for practicing or training and can then be

  • placed back into the bag.

  • The 4BC Kit is reflective orange, which makes it easy to locate.

With new technologies in flexible packaging, we were able to incorporate many features in the bag. The front and back are made of two different materials that have been welded together (rather than using the traditional method of using one folded material); the front is covered with reflective aluminum, and the back is made of transparent foil. Both materials are compatible for gamma sterilisation, so the products inside can be sterilised. The kit has three separate packets, each packet has notches for easy opening, and there is a re-sealable zipper, as well as a hole in the upper part of the pack for shelf display or storage.

Trauma Kit
Trauma Kit
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